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Virtual reality

Mihai Pruna has created VR apps and training materials ranging the gamut from scientific visualization to gaming. Mr. Pruna is passionate about Virtual Reality and believes it is bound to change the way people live and work.




augmented reality

Mihai Pruna has early on realized the potential of Augmented Reality to create powerful graphical user interfaces for CAD software. Mihai has developed libraries to automatically deploy CAD software in an AR environment.


vr / ar for businesses

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can open new markets for your business. They can help your employees become more productive. VR and AR can foster collaboration and bring new insights into your Business Intelligence workflows.

As hardware becomes cheaper and software development frameworks more standardized, it is now easier than ever to take your offerings to new worlds – virtual worlds. Virtual Reality has the potential to redefine how consumers, Engineers and Scientists, Doctors and Mechanics, live and work. Stay on the cutting edge by incorporating these new and exciting technologies!

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VR Unity

 VR Coding

Mihai Pruna can create VR apps using Unity3D. Games, visualization applications, CAD software, anything is possible!

Solidworks AR

AR Coding

Mihai Pruna can harness the power of the Vuforia / Unity package combo.

ball streamlines

data integration

Mihai has brought large scientific and Engineering datasets into VR or the web for visualization.

CAD software AR

software integration

Mr. Pruna can integrate VR and AR with your .NET software. This works well, especially for CAD packages.

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“I helped several businesses with AR and VR related work, both content and software.

I have been involved professionally in the XR field since 2015. I am looking forward to improving your company’s success through these exciting mediums!”

-Mihai Pruna


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Greater Boston Area

United States


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